In Amando, Paweł Sakowicz uses pantomime, which conveys the content of the performance through gesture: a skilful mime lifts an invisible cup so that one has the impression that it is actually in his hand. Sakowicz builds and dissolves the meaning of gesture in his choreography, alternately stylising the dance and stripping it of style. He makes use of postmodern dance, which, although it says "no" to style and magic, at the same time defines lifting the same cup as dancing. The sound designed by Justyna Stasiowska suggests that raising the cup is different in the morning, in the evening, and still different when nobody is watching.

Choreography: Paweł Sakowicz

Sound design: Justyna Stasiowska

Production: National Museum in Warsaw

Partner: Komuna Warszawa

Premiere: 23 April 2022

Duration: 40'